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Cherry Blueberry in a Bottle

How do I consume the juice?

To maximise the nutritional benefits, we suggest starting with 50ml each evening an hour before bed. The ideal range is 50-100ml, so you can adjust as you see fit. It can be diluted with warm/still/sparkling water to your taste. Avoid heating the juice directly. It needs to be refrigerated after opening and consumed as soon as possible and under 1 week.

What is the best product for assisting with sleep?

Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, the hormone our body requires to fall asleep. Our Pure Cherry Juice is heralded by thousands of our customers as an ideal natural support for


What is the best product for assisting with inflammation?

Our best-selling product for joint health is the Pure Cherry Juice. Our customers rave about the effect it has on gout, inflammation, and joint-related issues! Just check out the reviews below. Blueberries are also high in antioxidants and contain anthocyanins, which are good for inflammation.

Is the juice safe to consume if I take medications, have health issues, am pregnant, or for children?

Our juices have many benefits and are made of pure fruit juice and nothing else. This makes them at very low risk for complications however we suggest talking to your local pharmacist, diabetic nurse, midwife, or GP if you have any specific questions.

What is the best way to buy our juice?

We have multiple channels that distributes our juice in Taiwan, please visit our official stockist page.

100% New Zealand Made

No Sugar,

No Preservatives


Health Benefits

Our Cherry Blueberry Juice has 85% Pure Cherry Juice and 15% Pure Blueberry Juice.

A daily 50ml - 100ml serving may help assist with sleep, gout, inflammation and cognition, due to the nutrients found in cherries and blueberries.

Replace a glass of wine in the evening, or mix it with your own drink recipe for a guilt free treat! Hot or cold, our Cherry Blueberry Juice is a must have in everyone's cupboard. One bottle contains about two weeks worth of juice.


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